Invitation to the fourth meeting of the network „Europe in movement“

We want to invite you to the fourth meeting of the network „Europe in movement“ – formerly know as „EUrope for All“ — on June 9-10, 2018, in Berlin.

The gathering aims to be a space for grassroot groups who are involved in the struggles of eu-internal migrants against racism, exploitation and precarization to exchange ideas and experiences and to organize translocally. More than 10 groups focusing on different issues like legal advice for workers, anti-romaism, social benefits, housing and police repression have organized in this activist network so far (see

The focus of the fourth meeting will be on resistance against exploitation, the exclusion from social rights, homelessness and the specific situation and struggles of women*. We would like to ask the question how to bring together those interconnected struggles and about the role of the left in those struggles. We also want to discuss how to overcome the divide between good and bad migration, labour migrants and refugees, citizens and foreigners. We want to exchange experiences and discuss ideas in order to become active at and beyond the local level.

We welcome antiracist, left and emancipatory groups and individuals who are active in the struggles of eu-internal migrants and also those who want to get involved in the future.

The gathering is organized in cooperation with the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung.

Suggestion of an agenda:

Friday (7-9:30 pm): No Programm! Cancelled.

Saturday (10am-7pm)

1. Introductory Round
2. Input: Struggles for social rights and with the jobcenter
3. Situation and struggles of women* as EU-migrants
4. Labour struggles
5. Housing Struggles: homelessness, occupations etc.
6. Ideas for collaboration and campaigns
7. Network-Orga

For registration, suggestions for the agenda and any question please write to

Please tell us, if you need sleeping spaces, what you would (not) like to eat and other relevant stuff. If needed, we will try to organize translation also to other languages than English and German. Contact address:

The gathering takes place at Prinzenallee 58, 13359 Berlin.

We’re looking forward to seeing you!

Basta Berlin, Berlin Migrant Strikers, Gruppe Workers‘ Center München